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LINK VIDEO PRODUCTIONS (may require purchase)

BCVBreaking the Cycles of Violence: The Latham Foundation’s pioneering 22-minute video for building community awareness and cross-training child protection, animal protection and domestic violence personnel. Free.

Pit Bull Fighting: What Every Cop Should Know: In the Line of Duty examines the growing problem of dog fighting, how it impacts other crimes, and strategies for law enforcement to put an end to it.


Oklahoma Link Coalition “Intersection” Conference has a 20-minute video from the press conference at their 2017 conference. Speakers include Randy Lockwood, Melinda Merck, and Louisa McCune.

Profile of HAVEN is a 16-minute video describing western Massachusetts’ Human Animal Violence Education Network with testimonials from collaborating community partners. A shorter (1-1/2 minute) Public Service Announcement is also available.

The Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society has a 5-minute video describing its Safe Haven pet safekeeping program with two domestic violence shelters.

Report Animal Abuse – Stop Domestic Abuse is a 30-second Public Service Announcement by the Albany County, NY District Attorney’s Office encouraging viewers to dial 911 to report animal cruelty as a domestic violence prevention effort.

Pets in the Crossfire of Family Violence is a 60-minute video airing on Twin Cities Public Television based on a historic Link workshop at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. It features numerous Link authorities and is available both as a full hour-long program or in shorter segments.

The Today Show segment featuring an interview with Allie Phillips discussing pets in women’s shelters and The Link between domestic violence and animal abuse.

WKRC-TV news segment (4 min.) about the need for domestic violence pet protection orders in Ohio.

KHOU-TV story about Texas’ new domestic violence pet protection law.


Domestic Violence in the Veterinary Clinic: Surveillance video of veterinary staff in Deland, Fla., helping a survivor being held at gunpoint, 2018.

Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence: 3-1/2-minute video from the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley, Va., featuring the mayor, a judge, a veterinarian, and Center staff.

Breaking Barriers to Safety & Healing: 90-minute panel discussion on the National Domestic Violence Hotline/Urban Resource Institute survey of survivors concerns for their pets.

The Intersection of Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: a 3-minute video from the Animal and Interpersonal Abuse Research Group (AIPARG) at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

Link Animated Video: A delightful, animated two-minute video produced by My Saving Grace in Australia summarizing The Link between domestic violence and animal abuse.

Accessing Justice for Animals (& Their Humans), The Link Between Animals and Humans: 90-minute Canadian webinar by Alberta Prosecutor Christian Lim and B.C. animal lawyer Victoria Shroff.

New Frontiers and Opportunities in The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence  2020 webinar by Phil Arkow for the Positive Links New Mexico coalition.

Domestic Violence Shelters and Animals 2020 Positive Links New Mexico webinar featuring SAF-T, RedRover and Animal Protection of New Mexico.

Protecting Companion Animals in Situations of Domestic Abuse: Views from the UK   A British look at the domestic violence/animal abuse Link presented by Christina Warner for Positive Links New Mexico.

Introduction to The Link: The York County (Maine) Linkage Coalition produced this 32-minute panel discussion with four participants describing The Link between animal abuse, domestic violence and child maltreatment.

Why is the New Mexico Conference on The Link Important?: A 12-minute video interviewed participants at the 2014 Conference about why they attended and how they plan to use the experience to further their work.

Oklahoma Link Coalition: This 2:28 video shows highlights of the National Link Coalition’s day-long facilitation that led to the creation of the Oklahoma Link Coalition.

Washington County Animal Protection Multi-Disciplinary Team: This 7-minute video explains how this Oregon coalition of animal, domestic violence, law enforcement, and prosecution agencies is breaking the cycle of violence. The MDT won a prestigious award in 2013 for being the best example of community collaboration and for creating a team approach that has had extraordinary results.

Tanya’s Story: A dramatic first-person account by Tanya McLeod of how she, her children and a dog named Brownie were victimized by her abuser.

Cockfighting in San Bernardino County: The District Attorney’s Animal Cruelty Task Force produced this graphic 6.5-minute video describing the impact of cockfighting on children and the community, and its links with guns, gangs, drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking. The office prosecuted 43 cases last year.

Paws for Peace Walk: Harbor House, a domestic violence shelter in Orlando, Fla., and Orange County Animal Services, staged a collaborative fundraising event in 2010. The Domestic Violence Task Force and the Orlando Police Department also participated.

Patterns of Abuse: Exploding the Cycle: Erik Friedl’s classic 23-minute video, produced in 1999 for the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society, is available free on YouTube.

Making the Link: A website with graphic videos depicting the impact upon children of horrific conditions of animal abuse in Eastern Europe, and a training by Phil Tedeschi on The Link and human-animal connections.

URIPALS: Purina produced this brief video about the Urban Resource Institute’s People and Animals Living Safely pet-friendly domestic violence shelter in New York City.


The “Dark Side” of the Human-Animal Bond (Part 1): Phil Arkow’s introduction to The Link between animal abuse and human violence for a combined Honors Class in Human-Animal Interactions at Washington State and Colorado State Universities.

The “Dark Side” of the Human-Animal Bond (Part 2): Continuation of the WSU/CSU class focusing on The Link between animal abuse and domestic violence.

The “Dark Side” of the Human-Animal Bond (Part 3): Continuation of the WSU/CSU class focusing on The Link between animal abuse and child maltreatment and elder abuse.

Animal Abuse, Animal Hoarding and Elder Abuse: Challenges and Strategies for Adult Protective Services: Archived 2020 webinar by Phil Arkow, Jessica Bibbo and Kara Holmquist for the National Adult Protective Services Association.

A Conversation on the Many Aspects of the Human-Animal Relationship  A 43-minute Animal Academy podcast by Phil Arkow for social workers and therapists on “the good side” and “the dark side” of the human-animal bond.

Making Humane Education More Relevant in the 21st Century  20-minute video by Phil Arkow for the 2019 Humane Education Summit about how Link-based programs are more appealing to school administrators concerned with school safety, bullying and child development.

Investigating, Prosecuting and Protecting Families and Animals   Hour-long 2018 video on the linkages between violence to animals and people by Allie Phillips for the National District Attorneys Association.

Podcast=Phil Arkow  A 10-minute podcast by National Link Coalition coordinator Phil Arkow for the PetsEmpower Foundation in Boston, Mass.

The Cruelty Connection  A 90-minute video of Phil Arkow’s training on “A Species-Spanning Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Violence” in Rochester, NY, 2018.

The Link and Domestic Violence  A 4-minute radio interview in 2018 by Phil Arkow for WXXI-FM in Rochester, N.Y. for the Humane Society of Greater Rochester’s Animal Crimes Conference.

The Link in Saskatchewan  A 17-minute radio interview on “Talk to the Experts” about the impact of The Link in the Canadian province with the highest rates of domestic violence.

Are Animals Our Best Friends in Combating Domestic Violence? A one-hour podcast on Australia’s 3CR “Freedom of Species” broadcast with Dr. Lydia Tong on veterinary recognition of non-accidental injuries and how domestic violence survivors interact with the veterinary community.

Animal Abuse and Psychopathology: Conduct Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder. A 52-minute presentation on Sept. 23, 2014 by Frank R. Ascione at the Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities conference in Darwin, Australia.

Animal Abuse and Its Relation to Intimate Partner Violence. A 32-minute presentation on Sept. 24, 2014 by Frank R. Ascione at the Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities conference in Darwin, Australia.

Societal Responses to Emerging Research on Animal Abuse. A 43-minute presentation on Sept. 25, 2014 by Frank R. Ascione at the Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities conference in Darwin, Australia.

Animal Cruelty, Animal Behavior, and Aggression. A 54-minute interview from Australia with Eleonora Gullone.

AnimalWise Radio, heard live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area on KYCR and KDWA radio and streamed live online, interviewed Phil Arkow on July 27, 2014 about growing interest in The Link in the law enforcement community. Click here to hear a podcast of the 22-minute interview with hosts Beth Nelson and Mike Frye.

Australian Community Radio: 3CR’s Community Radio in Melbourne aired an extensive interview with Phil Arkow and the RSPCA/Queensland on the Aug. 10, 2014 edition of “Freedom of Species”.

Learn more about the Link between domestic violence and animal abuse in a 26-minute interview with Phil Arkow on the “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” livestream program on WTER radio that aired July 30, 2014.

Sentience Mosaic, a part of Animal Mosaic, an information portal for animal welfare professionals run by the World Society for the Protection of Animals in the U.K., interviewed National Link Coalition Coordinator Phil Arkow in December 2012.  Kate Turner-Mann, Asia-Pacific External Relations Advisor for WSPA in Australia, conducted the 25-minute interview. Click here to hear the interview.

Phil Arkow, National Link Coalition Coordinator, conducted a 20-minute radio interview that aired January 11, 2013 on “Dog Talk (and Kitties Too),” a program hosted by “Radio Pet Lady” Tracie Hotchner on Peconic Public Broadcasting. Phil’s interview is about 1/3 of the way through the hour-long program. He discusses linking community agencies to approach violence holistically, how abusing animals controls battered women, incidence of animal cruelty among prison inmates, the impact of animal cruelty on children, legislative and criminal justice initiatives, the links between hoarding and elder abuse, and how the public can be part of violence prevention solutions.

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