Start a Coalition

Coalition-startToolkit-coverStart a Link Coalition

Check out the National Link Coalition’s free Toolkit for Starting a Link Coalition in Your Community in our Resources section!

(and for Latino communities: see our new Spanish-language version of the Toolkit as well!)

Why Start a Coalition??

The best way to stop multiple forms of violence perpetrated by the same abusers is for the agencies involved to communicate and collaborate.

However, in most communities, we have become a “nation of silos.” Child protection, domestic violence, animal care & control, and adult protective services operate in separate spheres, addressing one incident or type of maltreatment rather than seeing the larger cycle of violence that might be at work.

Community Link Coalitions can inspire broader thinking and prevent harm by bringing animal control officers, veterinarians, child protection workers, domestic violence shelter staff, animal advocates, adult protection personnel, law enforcement, prosecutors, and other concerned community members together in a more effective, coordinated effort against linked forms of violence.

Forming a Link Coalition:

  • Addresses an urgent situation with the combined power of multiple perspectives
  • Offers more effective delivery of services
  • Reduces duplication of efforts
  • Pools scarce community resources
  • Increases communication and breaks down misinformation
  • Creates long-term change to help people and animals

Potential Link Coalition Activities

Coalition activities and goals vary by community, but often include:

  • Creating housing or foster care for the animal survivors of domestic violence
  • Establishing protocols to cross-train and cross-report between agencies
  • Building community awareness during national celebration weeks
  • Advocating for better legislation to protect vulnerable family members
  • Developing safety planning for pets
  • Rotating meetings to see how other agencies function

Contact an existing coalition to learn from their experiences. And check out the free sample materials we have in our collection to see what they’re doing.

The National Link Coalition also has speakers who can meet with your community leaders to facilitate the formation of a Link Coalition in your area. Contact the National Link Coalition for details.