MOWho Do I Call If I Suspect Abuse?

Child Maltreatment: 800-392-3738

Elder Abuse: 800-392-0210 for suspected elder mistreatment in the home and long-term care facilities.

Domestic Violence: National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 or the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence maintains a map of shelters and service providers.

Animal Abuse or Neglect:
STATEWIDE: The Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force’s investigators serve all 114 Missouri counties. Report suspected abuse or neglect to 314-647-4400. Report cases of animal abuse in dog breeding facilities to the MO Dept. of Agriculture’s Animal Care Program at 573-751-3076. To file a compaint against an animal care facility (commercial dog breeder, rescue facility, broker/dealer or hobby/show breeder) call the Attorney General’s Canine Cruelty Prevention Hotline at 800-392-8222.

Adair County  Adair County Sheriff’s Office 660-665-4644
Kirksville   Kirksville Police Dept. Animal Control & Parking Enforcement Div.660-785-6945

Andrew County   Andrew County Sheriff’s Office 816-324-4114
Savannah   Savannah Police Dept. 816-324-7541

Atchison County   Atchison County Sheriff 660-744-6271

Audrain County   Audrain County Sheriff’s Office 573-473-5801
Mexico   Mexico Animal Shelter 573-581-0779
Vandalia   Vandalia Police Dept. 573-594-3344

Barry County   Barry County Sheriff’s Office 417-847-3121

Barton County   Barton County Sheriff’s Office 417-682-5541
Lamar   Lamar City Animal Shelter 417-682-3546

Bates County   Bates County Sheriff’s Office 660-679-3232
Butler   Butler Animal Control 660-679-6131

Benton County   Benton County Sheriff’s Dept. 660-438-6135

Bollinger County  Bollinger County Sheriff’s Office 573-238-2633

Boone County   Columbia-Boone County Animal Control 573-449-1888
Ashland   Ashland Police Dept. 573-442-6131
Centralia   Centralia Police Dept. 573-682-2132
Columbia   Columbia-Boone County Animal Control 573-449-1888
Hallsville   Hallsville Police Dept. 573- 696-3838

Buchanan County  Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office 816-236-8800
St. Joseph   St. Joseph Animal Control & Rescue 816-271-4877

Butler County   Butler County Sheriff 573-785-8444
Poplar Bluff   Poplar Bluff Animal Control 573-686-8635

Caldwell County   Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office 816-586-2681

Callaway County  Callaway County Sheriff’s Office 573-642-7291
Fulton   Fulton Animal Control  573-642-7443

Camden County   Camden County Sheriff’s Animal Control Unit 573-346-2243

Cape Girardeau County   Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office 573-243-3551
Cape Girardeau City   Cape Girardeau Police Dept. 573-335-6621

Carroll County   Carroll County 911 Dispatch 660-322-0015
Carrollton   Carrollton Police Dept. 660-542-3128

Carter County   Carter County Sheriff’s Office 573-323-4510

Cass County   Cass County Sheriff’s Office 816-380-5200
Belton   Belton Animal Control 816-331-5522
Harrisonville   Harrisonville Animal Control Division 816-380-8961
Lee’s Summit   Animal Control 816-969-7405
Peculiar   Peculiar Police Dept. 816-779-5102
Pleasant Hill   Pleasant Hill Dispatch Center 816-540-9109
Raymore   Raymore Animal Control 816-331-0530

Cedar County   Cedar County Sheriff’s Office 417-276-5133
El Dorado Springs   El Dorado Springs Animal Control 417-876-2313

Chariton County   Chariton County Sheriff’s Dept. 660-288-3277

Christian County   Christian County Sheriff’s Office 417-582-5330
Nixa   Nixa Animal Control 417-582-1030
Ozark   Ozark Animal Control Division 417-582-0535
Republic   Republic Animal Control 417-732-3190

Clark County   Clark County Sheriff’s Office 660-727-2911

Clay County   Clay County Sheriff’s Office 816-407-3750
Excelsior Springs   Excelsior Springs Animal Control Center 816-630-0816
Gladstone   Gladstone Animal Control 816-436-1810
Kearney   Kearney Animal Control 816-903-4726
Liberty   Liberty Animal Control & Shelter 816-439-4791
North Kansas City   North Kansas City Animal Control Unit 816-274-6024
Pleasant Valley   Pleasant Valley Police Dept. 816-781-7373
Smithville   Smithville Police Dept. 816-858-3521
Sugar Creek   Sugar Creek Police Dept. 816-252-7058

Clinton County   Clinton County Sheriff’s Office 816-539-3777
Cameron   Cameron Animal Control 816-632-2177
Plattsburg   Plattsburg Police Dept. 816-930-3777

Cole County   Cole County Animal Control 573-634-9160
Jefferson City   Jefferson City Animal Control 573-634-6429

Cooper County   Cooper County Sheriff’s Office 660-882-2771
Boonville   Boonville Animal Shelter 660-882-2335

Crawford County   Crawford County Sheriff’s Office 573-775-2125

Dade County     Dade County Sheriff’s Dept. 417-637-5344

Dallas County   Dallas County 911 Center 417-345-1999 x1

Daviess County   Daviess County Sheriff’s Office 660-663-2031

Dent County   Dent County Sheriff’s Office 573-729-3241
Salem   Salem Police Dept. 573-729-4242

DeKalb County   Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office 816-449-5802

Douglas County   Douglas County Sheriff’s Office 417-683-1020

Dunklin County   Dunklin County Sheriff’s Office 573-888-2424
Kennett   Kennett Humane Department 573-888-4622
Malden   Malden Police Dept. Humane Officer 573-276-2212

Franklin County   Franklin County Sheriff’s Office 636-583-2560

Gasconade County   Gasconade County Sheriff’s Office 573-437-7770

Gentry County   Gentry County Sheriff 660-726-3721
Albany   Albany Animal Control 660-254-4434

Greene County   Greene County Sheriff’s Office 417-868-4040
Republic   Republic Animal Control 417-732-3190
Springfield   Springfield Animal Control 417-833-3592

Grundy County  Grundy County Sheriff’s Office 660-359-2828

Harrison County   Harrison County Sheriff’s Office 660-425-3199
Bethany   Bethany Police Dept. 660-425-3199

Henry County   Henry County Sheriff’s Office 660-885-7021
Clinton   Clinton Animal Control 660-885-5561

Hickory County   Hickory County Sheriff’s Office 417-745-6415

Holt County   Holt County Sheriff’s Office 660-446-3300
Mound City   Mound City Police Dept. 660-442-3636

Howard County   Howard County Sheriff’s Office 660-248-2477

Howell County   Howell County Sheriff 417-256-2544
West Plains   West Plains Animal Control 417-255-1860 or West Plains Police Dept. 417-256-2244

Iron County   Iron County Sheriff’s Office 573-546-7051

Jackson County   Jackson County Sheriff’s Dept. 816-524-4300
Blue Springs   Blue Springs Animal Control 816-228-0149
Grain Valley   Grain Valley Animal Control 816-847-6250
Grandview   Grandview Police Dispatcher 816-316-4980
Independence   Independence Animal Services 816-325-7205
Kansas City   311
Lee’s Summit   Lee’s Summit Animal Control 816-969-1640
Oak Grove   Oak Grove Public Safety Dept. 816-690-3773 x1100
Raytown   Raytown Animal Control 816-737-6014
Sugar Creek   Sugar Creek Police Dept. 816-252-7058

Jasper County   Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officer 417-358-8177
Carthage   Carthage Police Dept. Animal Control Officer 417-237-7200
Joplin   Joplin Animal Control 417-623-6122

Jefferson County   Jefferson County Animal Control 636-797-5577
Arnold   Arnold Animal Control 636-282-2387
Crystal City   Crystal City Animal Control 636-931-2905
Festus   Festus Animal Control 636-933-3619
Pevely   Pevely Animal Control Office 636-475-7405

Johnson County   Johnson County Dispatch 660-747-2265
Warrensburg   Warrensburg Animal Control & Shelter 660-747-2265

Knox County   Animal Control 816-690-3773 x 1100

Laclede County   Laclede County Sheriff’s Office 417-532-2311
Lebanon   Lebanon Animal Control 417-532-3131

Lafayette County   Lafayette County Sheriff 660-259-3622
Higginsville   Higginsville Animal Control 660-584-2104

Lawrence County   Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office 417-466-2131
Aurora   Aurora Police Station 417-678-5025

Lewis County   Lewis County Sheriff’s Office 573-767-5287

Lincoln County   Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 636-528-6100
Troy   Troy Animal Control 636-528-4646 or Troy Police Dept. 636-528-4725

Linn County   Linn County Sheriff 660-895-5312
Brookfield   Brookfield Police Dept. Animal Control Officer 660-258-3385

Livingston County   Livingston County Humane Society/Animal Shelter 660-646-1006

Macon County   Macon Animal Control 660-395-2632

Madison County   Madison County Sheriff’s Dept. 573-783-2234
Fredericktown   Fredericktown Animal Control 573-783-3660

Maries County   Maries County Sheriff’s Office 573-422-3381

Marion County   Marion County Sheriff’s Office 573-769-2077 or 573-221-6400
Hannibal   Hannibal Animal Control 573-221-0987

McDonald County    McDonald County Sheriff’s Office 417-223-4319
Anderson   Anderson Police Dept. Animal Control Officer 417-845-6463

Mercer County   Mercer County Sheriff’s Office 660-748-3165

Miller County   Miller County Sheriff’s Office 573-369-2341

Mississippi County   Mississippi County Sheriff’s Office 573-683-2111

Moniteau County   Moniteau County Sheriff’s Office 573-796-2525

Monroe County   Monroe County Sheriff’s Office 660-327-4060

Montgomery County   Montgomery County Sheriff 573-564-3378

Morgan County   Morgan County Sheriff’s Office 573-378-5481

New Madrid County   New Madrid County Sheriff’s Office 573-748-2516
New Madrid   New Madrid City Animal Control Officer 573-748-2866
Sikeston   Sikeston Code Enforcement Animal Control 573-471-2512

Newton County   Newton County Sheriff’s Office 417-451-4242
Neosho   Neosho Animal Control Officer 417-451-8050 or 417-451-8000
Joplin   Joplin Animal Control 417-623-6122

Nodaway County   Nodaway County Sheriff’s Dept. 660-582-7451
Maryville   New Nodaway Humane Society 660-562-3333 or Maryville Public Safety 660-562-3209

Oregon County   Oregon County Sheriff’s Office 417-778-6611

Osage County   Osage County Sheriff’s Office 573-897-3927

Ozark County   Ozark County Law Enforcement Center 417-679-4633

Pemiscot County   Pemiscot County Sheriff 573-333-4101

Perry County   Perry County Sheriff’s Office 573-547-4576
Perryville   Perryville Animal Control 573-547-4546

Pettis County   Pettis County Sheriff’s Office 660-827-0052
Sedalia   Sedalia Animal Shelter 660-826-5816

Phelps County   Phelps County Sheriff 573-428-3860
Rolla   Rolla Animal Shelter 573-364-6995
St. James   St. James Police Dept. 573-265-3777

Pike County   Pike County Sheriff’s Office 573-324-3202
Bowling Green   Bowling Green Police Dept. 573-324-3200

Platte County   Platte County Sheriff’s Office 816-858-3521
Parkville   Animal Control 816-741-4454
Platte City   Animal Control 816-431-2011
Platte Woods   Animal Control 816-741-6688
Riverside   Animal Control 816-741-1191
Smithville   Smithville Police Dept. 816-858-3521

Polk County   Polk County Sheriff’s Office 417-777-9020
Bolivar   Bolivar Animal Control Officer 417-777-3911

Pulaski County   Pulaski County Sheriff’s Dept. 573-774-7948
Waynesville   Waynesville Animal Shelter 573-774-6509

Putnam County   Putnam County Sheriff’s Office 660-947-3200

Ralls County   Ralls County Sheriff’s Office 573-985-5611
Hannibal   Hannibal Animal Control 573-221-0987
Vandalia   Vandalia Police Dept. 573-594-3344

Randolph County  Randolph County Sheriff’s Office 844-277-6555 x420
Moberly   Moberly Animal Control Division 660-833-7330

Ray County   Ray County Sheriff’s Office 816-290-5323
Excelsior Springs   Animal Control 816-630-0816
Richmond   Richmond Animal Control 816-776-6466

Reynolds County Reynolds County Sheriff’s Office 573-648-2491

Ripley County   Ripley County Sheriff 573-996-5555

Saline County   Saline County Sheriff’s Office 660-886-5511

Schuyler County  Schuyler County Sheriff 660-457-3436

Scotland County   Scotland County Sheriff 660-465-2106

Scott County   Scott County Sheriff 573-545-3525 or 573-471-3530
Sikeston   Sikeston Code Enforcement Animal Control 573-471-2512

Shannon County    Shannon County Sheriff 573-226-3117 x8

Shelby County  Shelby County Sheriff’s Office 573-633-2161

St. Charles County   St. Charles County Division of Humane Services 636-949-7387
Lake St. Louis   St. Charles County Division of Humane Services 636-949-7387
O’Fallon   O’Fallon Police Dept. 636-240-3200
St. Charles  St. Charles Animal Control 636-949-3395
St. Peters   St. Peters Animal Control 636-278-2255
Wentzville   Wentzville Animal Control 636-327-5105

St. Clair County   St. Clair County Sheriff 417-646-2565

St. Francois County   St. Francois 911 Communications Center 573-883-5215

St. Louis City   Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline 314-647-4400

St. Louis County   Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline 314-647-4400

Ste. Genevieve County   St. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Animal Control Div. 573-883-5899

Stoddard County   Stoddard County Sheriff’s Dept. 573-568-4654

Stone County   Stone County Sheriff’s Office 417-357-6116

Sullivan County   Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office 660-265-3313

Taney County   Taney County Animal Care & Control 417-332-0172
Branson   Taney County Animal Care & Control 417-332-0172
Hollister   Hollister Police Dept. 888-338-0172

Texas County   Texas County Sheriff’s Office 417-967-4165
Cabool   Cabool Police Dept. 417-962-3993
Mountain Grove   Mountain Grove Animal Control 417-259-9180

Vernon County   Vernon County Sheriff’s Office 417-667-6042
Nevada   Nevada Animal Shelter 417-448-5109 or Nevada Police Dept. 417-448-2710

Warren County   Warren County Sheriff’s Dept. 636-456-4332
Warrenton   Warrenton Animal Control 636-456-8707 or Central Dispatch 636-456-7088

Washington County   Washington County Sheriff’s Office 573-438-5478
Potosi   Potosi Police Dept. 573-438-5668

Wayne County   Wayne County Sheriff 573-224-3090 or 573-224-3219
Piedmont   Piedmont Police Dept. Animal Control 573-223-4300

Webster County   Webster County Sheriff 417-468-2222
Marshfield   Marshfield Animal Control 417-859-2352

Worth County   Worth County Sheriff 660-564-2222

Wright County   Wright County Sheriff 417-741-7576
Mountain Grove   Mountain Grove Animal Control 417-259-9180

Please see the explanatory notes regarding reporting and response on our introductory page. If you are aware of any additions or corrections to this Directory, please e-mail the National Link Coalition and let us know.