West Virginia

WVWho Do I Call If I Suspect Abuse?

Child Maltreatment: 800-352-6513

Elder Abuse: 800-352-6513 or visit the Department of Health & Human Resources’ Local County Office Directory. Call 866-241-5062 for the Financial Exploitation of the Elderly hotline. Call 800-834-0598 to reach the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Directory or visit the WV Long-Term Care Ombudsman Directory.

Domestic Violence: National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 or the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence 304-965-3552.

Animal Abuse or Neglect:
Barbour County   Barbour County Communications Center 304-457-5167

Berkeley County Berkeley County Animal Control 304-263-4729 or 304-267-7000

Boone County Boone County Sheriff 304-369-7390

Braxton County Braxton County Sheriff 304-765-5122

Brooke County   Brooke County Animal Shelter 304-527-3987

Cabell County   Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter 304-696-5551

Calhoun County  Calhoun County Sheriff 304-354-6333

Clay County   Clay County Sheriff 304-587-4260

Doddridge County   Doddridge County Sheriff 304-873-1944

Fayette County   Fayette County Animal Control Officer 304-574-3682 or Fayette County Sheriff’s Office 304-574-4216

Gilmer County   Gilmer County Sheriff 304-462-7441

Grant County   Grant County Sheriff 304-257-1818

Greenbrier County   Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Dispatch 304-647-7911

Hampshire County   Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office 304-822-3894

Hancock County   Hancock County Dog Wardens 304-564-3311 x292

Hardy County   Hardy County Sheriff 304-530-0222

Harrison County   Harrison County Animal Control 304-592-1876
Clarksburg   Clarksburg Animal Control 304-624-1633

Jackson County   Jackson County Animal Shelter 304-372-6064

Jefferson County   Jefferson County Animal Control 304-728-3289

Kanawha County   Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association 304-342-1576 x118 or Metro 304-348-8111

Lewis County   Lewis County Sheriff 304-269-8251

Lincoln County   Lincoln County Sheriff 304-824-7990 x226

Logan County   Logan County Sheriff 304-792-8590

Marion County   Marion County Animal Control 304-366-1800

Marshall County   Marshall County Animal Control 304-843-1640

Mason County   Mason County Animal Shelter 304-675-6458 or Mason County Sheriff 304-675-3838

McDowell County   McDowell County Sheriff 304-436-8526

Mercer County   Mercer County Animal Shelter 304-425-2838 or Mercer County Sheriff 304-487-8364

Mineral County   Mineral County Sheriff 304-788-0341

Mingo County   Mingo County Sheriff 304-235-0300

Monongalia County   Canine Adoption Center (Dog Pound) 304-291-7267 or Monongalia County Sheriff’s Dept. 304-291-7260

Monroe County   Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept. 304-772-3018

Morgan County   Morgan County Animal Control 304-258-6363 or 258-0326 or Morgan County Sheriff’s Office 304-258-1067

Nicholas County   Nicholas County Sheriff’s Dept. 304-872-7880

Ohio County   Ohio County Animal Shelter 304-547-1013 or Ohio County Sheriff 304-234-3718

Pendleton County  Pendleton County Sheriff’s Dept. 304-358-2214

Pleasants County  Pleasants County Sheriff 304-684-2285

Pocahontas County   Pocahontas County Sheriff 304-799-4445

Preston County   Preston County Sheriff’s Humane Officer 304-329-1611

Putnam County   Putnam County Animal Shelter 304-586-0249 or Putnam County Sheriff’s Dept. 304-586-0256

Raleigh County   Humane Society of Raleigh County 304-253-8921

Randolph County   Randolph County Animal Control Officer 304-636-2521 or Randolph County Sheriff’s Office 304-636-2111

Ritchie County   Ritchie County Sheriff 304-643-2262

Roane County   Roane County Sheriff 304-927-2540

Summers County   Hinton City/Summers County Animal Control Officer 304-466-4860 or Summers County Sheriff’s Dept. 304-466-7111
Hinton    Hinton Police Dept. 304-466-3333

Taylor County   Taylor County Dog Warden 304-669-6493 or Taylor County Sheriff 304-265-3428

Tucker County    Tucker County Animal Shelter 304-478-6232

Tyler County   Tyler County Sheriff 304-758-4229

Upshur County   Upshur County Humane Officer 304-473-0308 or 304-472-9550

Wayne County   Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter 304-696-5551

Webster County   Webster County Sheriff 304-842-2006

Wetzel County   Wetzel County Sheriff’s Humane Officer 304-455-8283

Wirt County   Wirt County Dog Warden 304-481-0384 or Wirt County Sheriff 304-275-4222

Wood County   Humane Society of Parkersburg 304-422-5541 or 304-420-1717
Parkersburg   Humane Society of Parkersburg 304-422-5541 or 304-420-1717
Vienna   Vienna Humane Officer 304-295-8563
Williamstown    Humane Society of Parkersburg 304-422-5541 or 304-420-1717

Wyoming County Wyoming County Sheriff’s Dept. 304-732-8000 x301

Please see the explanatory notes regarding reporting and response on our introductory page. If you are aware of any additions or corrections to this Directory, please e-mail the National Link Coalition and let us know.