A bibliography of over 2,100 scholarly and mainstream publications about The Link is available at The bibliography is compiled by National Link President/Secretary Phil Arkow and is organized under the following key topics:

•  Link overviews and introductions
• Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence
• Animal Abuse and Children, Child Abuse & Child Development
• Animal Abuse and Elder Abuse
• Family violence — general
• Animal Abuse and Law enforcement, prosecutors, and criminal justice systems
• Criminology of Animal Abusers
• Psychological and Social Work — Assessment, intervention and treatment
• Veterinary medicine & veterinary forensics
• One Health and The Link
• Animal Hoarding
• Animal sexual abuse, Bestiality & Zoophilia
• Community coalitions and cross-reporting
• Animal-based rehabilitation programs
• The Domestic violence/Child abuse link
• Animal Abuse and Community Violence: Slaughterhouses
• Research and Methodology Issues
• Miscellaneous