North Dakota

NDWho Do I Call If I Suspect Abuse?

Child Maltreatment: Contact your County Social Service Office. A directory of 53 county offices is available online from the ND Department of Human Services.

Elder Abuse: 800-462-5465 for suspected elder mistreatment in the home and long-term care facilities.

Domestic Violence: National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 or CAWS North Dakota  888-255-6240.

Animal Abuse or Neglect:
NOTE: Few North Dakota counties have animal control or humane societies empowered to investigate animal abuse, so such investigation would normally default to the sheriff’s office. However, there is no duty for North Dakota peace officers to enforce animal protection laws!
Adams County Adams Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-567-2530

Barnes County Barnes County Sheriff 701-845-8530

Benson County Benson Co. Sheriff 701-473-5332

Billings County Billings Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-328-9921

Bottineau County Bottineau Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-228-2740

Bowman County Bowman Co. Sheriff 701-523-5421

Burke County Burke Co. Sheriff 701-377-2177

Burleigh County Burleigh Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-222-6651
Bismarck Bismarck Animal Control Wardens 701-223-1212

Cass County Cass Co. Sheriff 701-241-5800
Fargo Fargo Police Community Service Officers 701-235-4493
West Fargo West Fargo Police Dept. 701-433-5500

Cavalier County Cavalier Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-256-2555

Dickey County Dickey Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-349-3215

Divide County Divide Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-965-6461

Dunn County Dunn Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-573-4449

Eddy County Eddy Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-947-5515

Emmons County Emmons Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-254-4411

Foster County Foster Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-652-2251

Golden Valley County Golden Valley Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-872-4733

Grand Forks County Grand Forks Sheriff’s Dept. 701-780-8280
Grand Forks Grand Forks Police Dept. 701-787-8000

Grant County Grant Co. Sheriff

Griggs County Griggs Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-797-2202

Hettinger County Hettinger Co. Sheriff 701-824-2935

Kidder County Kidder Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-475-2422

LaMoure County LaMoure Co. Sheriff 701-883-6038

Logan County Logan Co. Sheriff 701-754-2495

McHenry County McHenry Co. Sheriff 701-537-5633

McIntosh County McIntosh Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-288-3724

McKenzie County McKenzie Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-444-3654

McLean County McLean Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-462-8103

Mercer County Mercer Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-745-3333

Morton County Morton Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-667-3330
Mandan Mandan Animal Control 701-667-3455

Mountrail County Mountrail Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-628-2390

Nelson County Nelson Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-247-2474

Oliver County Oliver Co. Sheriff 701-794-3450

Pembina County Pembina Co. Sheriff 701-265-4122

Pierce County Pierce Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-776-5245

Ramsey County Ramsey County Sheriff’s Dept. 701-662-0700
Devils Lake Devils Lake Police Dept. Paws & Claws 701-662-0700

Ransom County Ransom Co. Sheriff 701-683-5255

Renville County Renville Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-756-6386

Richland County Richland Co. Law Enforcement 701-642-7711

Rolette County Rolette Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-477-5623

Sargent County Sargent Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-724-3302

Sheridan County Sheridan Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-363-2200

Sioux County Sioux Co. Sheriff 701-854-3481

Slope County Slope County Sheriff 701-879-6271

Stark County Stark Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-483-6559
Dickinson Dickinson Animal Control Division 701-456-7759

Steele County Steele Co. Sheriff 701-524-2742

Stutsman County Stutsman Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-252-9000
Jamestown Jamestown Police Dept. 701-252-2414

Towner County Towner Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-968-4350

Traill County Traill Co. Sheriff 701-636-4510

Walsh County Walsh Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-352-2041

Ward County Ward Co. Sheriff’s Dept. 701-857-6500
Minot Minot Animal Control 701-857-9850
Minot AFB 701-723-3096

Wells County Wells Co. Sheriff 701-547-3211

Williams County Williams Co. Sheriff’s Office 701-577-7700
Williston Williston Police Dept. 701-577-1212

Please see the explanatory notes regarding reporting and response on our introductory page. If you are aware of any additions or corrections to this Directory, please e-mail the National Link Coalition and let us know.